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Tranquility 30 Upflow

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Amongst the most efficient 2 stage package heat pumps Climatemaster’s Tranquility 30 is our best ducted heating and cooling system. Climatemaster’s communicating technology takes the angst of troubleshooting from the the do-it-yourselfer by literally identifying trouble as well as possible causes and solutions to a service tool. Armed with this information anyone can access Climatemaster’s repair demonstrations on You-Tube where a technician walks them through a repair.
A built in variable speed flow center for closed loop applications eliminates the expense of a seperate circulating system and reduces pumping cost. For open loop systems, a modulating valve permits the lowest possible gallon per minute use minimizing well water pumping cost.
An optional hot water generator permits some domestic water heating as well.
A 5 year labor and 10 year part warranty is standard.
Most Climatemaster products qualify for a personal 30% federal tax credit.